Sensory Bin Fillers we Love

We are big fans of sensory bins in this house! See why we use them here. There are so many things you can use to fill a sensory bin.  We’ve tried many out, and have enjoyed some more than others. I decided to make a list of the sensory bin fillers we love. (My daughter has enjoyed each of these as a toddler and as a preschooler.)

sensory bin fillers


rice sensory bin


bird seed


bird seed sensory bin


buttons sensory bin

pom poms

pom pom sensory bin


water (sensory sink)

sensory sink


potting soil

potting soil sensory bin


water beads

water beads sensory bin


dried oats

dried oats sensory bin


beads sensory bin


corn and beans sensory bin


sand sensory bin


(I wouldn’t have thought of this if it hadn’t been for the Guinness Storehouse we toured in Dublin.)

barley sensory bin

The options for sensory bin fillers are almost endless.  Just use your imagination…or follow my Sensory Exploration board on Pinterest for more ideas.