Build an Edible Snowman for Woodland Animals

build an edible snowman for woodland animals

One of the pictures books we read as part of our Advent Picture Book Tree is Stranger in the Woods by Carl R Sams II.

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This endearing book tells a story about the reactions of the woodland animals to a stranger that has appeared in their woods.  The stranger is a snowman built by a brother and sister who intentionally lured the animals to the snowman by using edibles such as nuts, seeds, and carrots. After much discussion among the mouse, deer, porcupine, owl, etc…, the animals are finally brave enough to approach this stranger, and are treated to a delicious reward once they do.

I love the photographs in this book.  They provide a beautiful and real visual representation of woodland animals.

Pooky and I were inspired by the book (and our fresh snow) to build a snowman with edibles for the local woodland creatures.

woodland snowman

So we got a couple buckets to gather snow from around the yard.

build an edible snowman

And started building our snowman.

build a snowman with edibles for woodland animals

Next we added one of Pooky’s hat and scarf sets (hand-made by her auntie) as well as some twigs for arms.

build an edible snowman

Pooky helped me add the edibles; hazelnuts, almonds and a carrot nose (along with some bird seed sprinkled on the hat.

build an edible snowman for woodland animals

And there is our edible snowman for woodland animals. I can’t wait to see the deer, squirrels, and birds nibbling at it.


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