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Are you considering trying preschool at home but aren’t sure how it would look/fit in to your lifestyle? Check out the following links to see a variety of ways that parents (and amazing bloggers) are making preschool at home work for them and their children.


8 styles of preschool

Angela from Teaching Mama shares her preschool routine as well as tips for the first time homeschooler to help make preschool at home a success.

Krystal from My Life of Travels and Adventures provides a straightforward description of her homeschool preschool routine along with some great ideas of what to do during each part of the preschool session.

Shaunna from Fantastic Fun and Learning shares her flexible schedule for home preschool while keeping a special end goal in mind. “Ultimately, my goal is for the kids to love learning, so I yield to their enthusiasm as much as I can.”

Sarah from Frugal Fun for Boys shares her schedule and a realistic look into homeschooling multiple children. While her post isn’t geared specifically toward preschool age children, a lot of her tips can be applied to them. Also, she does include some great activity ideas and further links for the preschool age group.

Deb from Living Montessori Now shows us how to set up a Montessori style preschool. She shares the preschool routine her Montessori school used.

Amy from Wildflower Ramblings gives us a free printable of her preschool routine. She also reminds us of what is important for kids in this age group; lots of playing and lots of exposure to books.

Kimberly from Natural Beach Living encourages us to find our family’s natural daily rhythm and fit our lessons into that rhythm in order for learning time to be more successful.

I have also written about the preschool routine I use at home with Pooky (and a few of her friends) from the perspective of a teacher-turned-SAHM.

Homeschool Preschool Routine

Hopefully these posts help you craft your own home preschool routine that works for you and your family. Remember, if it’s not working, don’t hesitate to change things up and try something different.

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8 thoughts on “Eight Different Styles of Teaching Preschool at Home

  • Lauren

    Thank you! My son is three and we teaching him at home this year. He is loving it but I am already looking for more resources.

    Thank you for visiting Frugal Friday by FrugalMommas

    • Tiffiny Post author

      I’m glad to hear he is enjoying it. Isn’t it amazing how they just soak it up? My daughter is loving it too. I’m glad you found the links useful. There will be more to come.

  • susen @Dabbling Momma

    What a great resource to help parents who are choosing to homeschool their preschoolers. I thoroughly enjoyed homeschooling my preschooler last year and will miss it as she enters kindergarten in a bit over a week :(

    • Tiffiny Post author

      Thank you. I’m glad you had a successful year! Best of luck with the transition to Kindergarten…I hear it’s always harder on the mommies. 😉

    • Tiffiny Post author

      I hope you do. I know I found them helpful. It’s encouraging to see that you can do preschool at home in so many different ways and still have a successful and fun time with it.

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