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counting activity with foam hearts and stickers

Pooky and I love all the fun decorations that come with Valentine’s Day. And I love the Target $1 bins.  When the two come together, it makes for a ton of fun.  Last year I bought some foam hearts and stickers which we used for various activities.  I saved them and we pulled them out again this year for this simple Valentine counting activity.

valentine counting 6

Pooky can count to eleven sequentially, but she has trouble using one-to-one correspondence in order to actually count a given number of items.  I set up this activity to allow us to work on that skill.

valentine counting 3


First, I labeled the hearts 1-5.  Then we worked together to make sure she put the correct number of stickers on each one.

valentine counting 4


We touched each sticker as we counted (which we did repeatedly). I liked how much counting practice we did, and Pooky liked playing with all the stickers. A win-win!

If you liked this, check out these free heart-themed counting printables.

hearts printable

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