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It’s still cold in this part of the country, but I’ve been itching for spring weather to arrive! I decided one way to help us pass the time until the warmer weather shows up would be to start some seeds indoors. For me, it was important to find a way to do this using recycled materials. I also wanted to bring my toddler in on this project, so naturally, I got on Pinterest!

After playing online, I gathered materials and got busy.

seed materialsThe egg carton looked like a kid-friendly way to sow some seeds, but I was skeptical about how small each section was and doubted it could hold much soil.  I had the idea to add cut up cardboard rolls to each “pod” so I could add more soil and allow the seedlings to grow a bit bigger before transplanting.  The cardboard rolls just happen to fit perfectly!

Here’s how we went about sowing our seeds.


I showed Pooky how to place one Sweet Pea seed into each “pod” of the egg carton.  (We did this without the cardboard rolls in place to make it easier.)


She repeated this process, so we actually had two seeds in each pod.


Next, I replaced the cardboard rolls.

Then I showed Pooky how to use the scoop to pour the soil in place.


She preferred to use her hands! This was exciting for me because my daughter is always very hesitant with new textures.  I wasn’t sure how she would take to the potting soil.  After a few tentative touches, she got busy moving the soil!


She had a blast with this part!


Once all the “pods” were filled, Pooky went on to play with the soil (insta-sensory bin), while I watered the seeds. (Note: I realized the seeds may have been planted too deeply since we put them in first, so I added another seed to each pod after the soil was in.)


I read online (in various places) to remove the egg carton lid and then cover it with plastic wrap and place it under the egg carton to add more stability since the cardboard will eventually become soggy from watering.


The last step after watering was to cover it with a lid in order to create a greenhouse effect.   My large empty salad container fits perfectly over the egg carton! (Hooray for reusing!)

It’s only been a few days since we planted our seeds, so there’s no sign of growth yet.  I’ll have to update this post later once we see how this works out.

Meanwhile, you can check out my Pinterest board “Gardening with Kids” where I’ve pinned a lot of the great ideas I came across in my gardening search.

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