Celebrate Christmas with a Baby without Losing your Sanity


We’re celebrating Pooky’s third Christmas this year, and we’re having so much fun.  I’m so excited that she’s able to understand and enjoy more of the festivities than when she was a baby. In fact, we’re working our way through this Toddler Christmas Bucket List. Even though Pooky can do … Continue reading

Favorite Christmas Books for Toddlers

christmas books for tots

We started reading winter books back in November when the first snow hit.  Now we’re devouring Christmas books.  Over the last few years I’ve waded through a lot of Christmas books for young children.  Here are the ones Pooky and I like the most. (Affiliate link disclosure) Mouse’s First Christmas … Continue reading

A Year in the Secret Garden Book Blast and $100 Amazon Giveaway


Title: A Year in the Life of the Secret Garden | Author: Valarie Budayr | Illustrator: Marilyn Scott-Waters | Publication Date: November, 2014 | Publisher: Audrey Press | Pages: 144 | Recommended Ages: 5 to 99 Book Description: Award-winning authors Valarie Budayr and Marilyn Scott-Waters have co-created A Year in … Continue reading

A Toddler’s Christmas Bucket List

gingerbread house-sparkandpook

I am so excited about Christmas this year! My daughter is now old enough to really enjoy a lot of the things that go along with this season.  I can’t wait to share them with her. Here is what I hope we’ll accomplish this month. (Please note: most of these photos … Continue reading

One Toddler’s Favorite Toys (A Gender-Neutral Gift Guide for ages 1-3)


This is not a list of this year’s hottest toys. This is a short list of tried and true toys that my toddler has loved. (with affiliate links – disclosure) There’s nothing worse than buying a toy you think your child will love, only to find out it’s a total … Continue reading

New & Classic Winter Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Although it’s not technically winter yet, the temperature has dropped and snow has fallen. Of course, this means we’ve pulled out our winter story books.  This year we’ve also discovered some new ones to enjoy.  Here are our current favorites. (affiliate link disclosure)   The Mitten by Jan Brett is … Continue reading

Our Visit to the Breakers Mansion in Pictures

breakers lion2

We recently went back for a visit to Boston, Massachusetts.  It’s become our habit when visiting Boston, to do a day trip and visit some other nearby favorite.  This time we chose Newport, Rhode Island (an upscale, yet quaint New England town on the coast). You know the saying, “A … Continue reading

Easy Snowman Craft for Kids


As soon as I saw snow in the forecast, Pooky and I started reading snow themed books. One of our favorites is Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. It’s an imaginative tale with fun and beautiful pictures by Mark Buehner. (Affiliate link disclosure) I’ve used this book (and the others … Continue reading

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