How to Throw a Last Minute Birthday Party for Young Kids

Last minute bday party2

I recently had an unexpected opportunity to spend time with my family members that live several states away.  Because the family gathering was due to a family emergency, there was no advanced planning involved. Not being one to waste an opportunity, I seized the chance for my parents and sisters … Continue reading

Beautiful, Fun and Educational Ways to use all Those Flowers


  Aren’t these flowers gorgeous?! My husband has been bringing me roses since we were sweethearts in high school (many moons ago).  I always love these elegant blooms and wish I could enjoy them longer. My two-year-old daughter is also currently enamored with flowers.  So not wanting to let go … Continue reading

Counting with Hearts Printables

counting hearts cover

I love the hearts and flowers and everything else related to Valentine’s Day! So I created a couple of fun printables for my daughter to practice her counting. If you have toddlers or preschoolers practicing their early counting skills, feel free to download these heart printables. (You’ll find the links … Continue reading

Parenting Book – Growing Up Social – Review


I was thrilled to be asked to read and review Growing up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World. (I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions offered below are my own.)    Does technology bring families closer together or … Continue reading

Free Educational iPad Apps for Pre-K Kids

Pre K iPad apps

There is much debate about kids using electronic devices.  I certainly understand the concern about their overuse and abuse. I don’t feel bad about my daughter using the iPad when she’s playing one of the following educational apps for kids. I first employed the iPad as a form of entertainment … Continue reading

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Info and Book Review

Beautiful Rainbow World

  Spark and Pook are proud to be part of the 2nd Annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Read on for information about the purpose of this event and it’s creators and sponsors as well as how you can participate.  Also included is my review of Beautiful Rainbow World, one of the multicultural books … Continue reading

Simple Valentine Counting Activity for young Children

Valentine counting cover

Pooky and I love all the fun decorations that come with Valentine’s Day. And I love the Target $1 bins.  When the two come together, it makes for a ton of fun.  Last year I bought some foam hearts and stickers which we used for various activities.  I saved them … Continue reading

Picture Books about Love for Toddlers and Preschoolers


We’ve been doing all things Valentine’s around here already, and that includes our choice of books.  I went on a hunt for Valentine themed books that I felt were age appropriate for toddlers and even preschoolers, and I found a TON! There were so many I wanted to share I … Continue reading

Our Trip to Family-Friendly Spain

spain trip cover

This is an (almost) Wordless Wednesday post about our first family trip to Europe. We did a lot of research about where to start our foray into European exploration with a toddler, and we decided on Spain. You can read more about why on my Family Travel site at … Continue reading

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